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individual therapy

I offer Cognitive-Behavioral Therapy (CBT) for patients who have a wide range of clinical challenges. In my experience, patients generally feel a significant relief of symptoms anywhere from 10-20 weeks. CBT contains aspects of both behavioral and cognitive treatments and focuses on helping people modify their thoughts and behaviors to bring about meaningful change. This is a structured and directive approach to psychotherapy, where treatment plans are developed and sessions have agendas to organize the discussion of specific concerns. CBT is a problem-oriented approach to treatment, which means the focus is on solving present-day issues. There is a great deal of research literature on the effectiveness of cognitive-behavioral interventions for various types of disorders and as a stand-alone, CBT is 50-75% effective for overcoming depression and anxiety problems. Services are available in person or via Zoom.

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group therapy

I offer Cognitive-Behavioral Group Therapy (CBGT) in combination with Exposure and Response Prevention (ERP) for teen and adult patients with Obsessive Compulsive Disorder, Depression and Generalized Anxiety. CBGT is a group approach that makes use of behavioral, cognitive, relational and group procedures to enhance coping skills of the participants, help learn strategies to reduce symptoms and ameliorate relational and intrapersonal problems that patients may be experiencing. Groups are open-ended allowing for individuals to be added over time. Services are available via Zoom. Serving across California, the secure, virtual environment ensures privacy and allows delivery of evidence-based treatment.

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  • Get help with challenging cases
  • Learn or strengthen skills in Cognitive Behavioral Therapy for treatment of mood, anxiety and related disorders in adults, teens and children,
  • Know more about Cognitive Behavioral Therapy theory and application,
  • Address professional issues, such as building a clinical practice and a professional career.

My work is supportive and collegial, making every effort to assist therapists in gaining the skills they seek.

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I offer executive education, intensive coaching, team intervention, mediation and facilitation to leaders, professionals, business owners, managers and executives. I partner with clients to design programs that respond to their context and challenges, ensuring that the approach is compelling, relevant and realistic. Interventions provided are tailored to maximize impact and address unique needs of individuals and organizations.

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