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Choosing Therapy puts the client at the center of the psychotherapeutic journey, describing how patients find the best fit with a therapist and therapeutic approach driven by evidence-based methods. A worthwhile read for anyone considering psychotherapy.”

- Petra Steinbuchel, MD
Choosing Therapy


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Ilyana Romanovsky M.A. MFT., is a licensed Marriage and Family Therapist (MFT 80096), specializing in treatment of adults, adolescents and children with mood and anxiety disorders. She received a BA from University of Chicago in biology, with special concentration in neuroscience and an MA in clinical psychology from Saint Mary’s College of California. She was named as the Beck Institute Cognitive Behavior Therapy Scholarship winner and before opening her private practice, worked in several clinical positions affiliated with local outpatient clinics and hospitals. She has been a contributing writer at Psychology Today and Huffington Post as well as a columnist for Creativity Post and Psyched in San Francisco. Her research has also been published by Springer, co-authoring a chapter in a textbook as well as authoring a book on how to get the most out of psychotherapy – Choosing Therapy: A Guide To Getting What You Need. She remains active in her research interests, along with writing, teaching and consulting work.


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