Office Policies

The following information outlines my office policies regarding clinical services.  Should you have any questions regarding these policies, please do not hesitate to call me and/or raise questions during session. 

Psychotherapy Services

My normal practice is to conduct an initial assessment that will last approximately 2-3 sessions.  At the end of the evaluation, we will discuss my diagnostic impressions, treatment recommendations and how I can be of help to you in meeting your treatment needs.  During the initial evaluation, we can both decide if I am the best person to provide services you are seeking.

Once the treatment process is initiated, we will schedule one 50-minute session per week.  We will evaluate together whether more frequent sessions are needed.  Throughout treatment, we will continue to assess and revise your treatment goals, so that you can continue making progress in therapy.


Psychotherapy is a private process that often involves discussion of very sensitive issues. It is important you know that your privacy in consulting with a mental health clinician is protected by law, and your disclosures are generally held confidential. While this is usually true, there are circumstances when a clinician can break confidentiality, or is required to break confidentiality. Should such a circumstance arise, I will make every reasonable effort to discuss with you my ethical or legal obligations to disclose confidential information before doing so.

Exceptions to confidentiality include: